The Story of Somali musicians’ journey to end the war

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Live from Mogadishu:Film, photography, music, and Q&A with: 

Shiine Akhyaar :Performer and chairman of Waayaha Cusub, director of the Mogadishu Music Festival & Somali Sunrise Concert Tour for Peace, and executive producer of the film Live from Mogadishu;

Daniel. J Gerstle. Founder of Humanitarian Bazaar, lead producer of the Mogadishu Music Festival, and director and executive producer of the film Live from Mogadishu; The Live From Mogadishu feature film campaign launch at The Mosaic Rooms in London, March 20, 2014! This will be the beginning of our pr, test screenings, and networking to build momentum for our new film’s world premiere and festival tour this spring.

If you are in London for the event, please RSVP to the Mosaic Rooms so they can keep a head count and you may also see our Facebook event invite coming, as well. There will be more events in London, but this is the first, an emotional one.

The film premiere, trailers, music, and more at Live From Mogadishu.Humanitarian BazaarHumanitarian Bazaar.