Somali concert tour for peace

59534_10151181473397653_1995522103_nThe Somali Sunrise Concert Tour begins with concerts in the United States to rally global support and build solidarity before heading to Africa to tour from Nairobi, Kenya, through war-torn Somalia, to the newly reunited capital, Mogadishu.

Somali Sunrise  promotes peace with all genres of music, it also focuses specifically on wielding hardcore hiphop and deeply honest R&B to win over youth of fighting age who face the turning point at which they must decide to continue to live, often poor on the hard streets of the African Horn in peace, or to take arms and join rebel fighters in the war.

Waayaha Cusub, a popular collective of Somali refugee musicians based in Kenya, traveled to the coastal city to stage the Mogadishu Music Festival, expected to be the country’s biggest music event since the eruption of a vicious civil war in 1991.

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