Somalia turns to Diaspora for investment


The Somali Embassy in Uganda, in collaboration with the WaaberiProject held a one day forum in Kampala, Uganda.The forum brought together the Somali Diaspora community in Uganda,Representative of the Office of Diaspora working under the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), The Turkish Ambassador to Uganda and the Deputy Ambassador of Uganda to Somalia.

The Somali Diaspora is continuously playing a major role in Somalia’s peace and stabilization process. The forum was a  platform to highlight key achievements in Somalia thus far and discuss ways of enhancing collaboration with the Somali Diaspora community in Uganda.

The Somali government has said it intends to tap into its Diaspora to invest in their Country, speaking to the Somali Diaspora community in Kampala yesterday, Mr Abulkadir Kamtirey, the director in the Office of Diaspora Affairs, said their investments will be protected.


The Turkish Ambassador to Uganda, Ms Ayse Sedef Yavuzalp, emphasized  the Turkish support in Somalia and is looking forward to the Somali community in Uganda to enable them to play a major role in Somalia peace process.

The Office of Diaspora worked with WaaberiProject to come up with a short film to demonstrate to the Diaspora community in Kampala that they are Somalia’s assets and they need to return to make the change they want for their country.