Mogadishu Fitness Training

fitness training

By Tobin Jones

It’s mid afternoon and things are already heating up at the Mogadishu Fitness Centre, the gym is already packed with young men and the few women who come to this modern gym the in Somali capital to get fit.

As security continues to improve in the city and other parts of the Horn of African Nation, people are going about their normal days routines without fear and are turning to fitness centers like this one to pastime and get healthy.Mohammed Jama, a Somali Diaspora has just returned to his country of birth since he left 24 years ago for the United States of America. It has been only eleven days since his return and already he is making new friends. While in the States, Mohammed was a mixed martial artist and he is keen on showing his country-mates the tricks of the trade.
” Young guys are very enthusiastic to learn this stuff. Am just happy to teach them and the way they are taking it is absolutely phenomenal. I see that they are hungry for this.” Says Mohammed Jama.

Many of these young men would not have dared to do this just two years ago, when the Islamic militant group al Shabaab was in control of the city and forced their extremist agenda on the people of Somalia. They banned sporting activities and enforced a whole list of restrictive do’s and don’ts.

Back at the Mogadishu Fitness Centre, the young men are working up a sweat, Jama is big on fitness and his workouts can get intense. He encourages more people to come out and workout.

“The most important thing is to sweat, make your blood circulate in your heart, that way you will feel better.” Says Mohammed Jama, “A healthy body is a healthy mind. You will make good decisions eventually like you know when you work out, you feel good, less stress.”

Many businessmen are taking advantage of the security and stability in many parts of the country and are investing in shops, hotels, restaurants and now fitness centres, as the nation rebuilds itself from decades of civil war.

“For me coming from over seas, for the twenty-four years. Am just excited to be in my country, my original country. This is where my family, my father, my ancestors are from here.” Adds Jama, “So right now am just excited to see something real bright. Am optimistic, like I know the whole thing, there is no peace. But you know the fact is I see it with my own eyes, it’s getting much better. Like time after time”.

The Mogadishu Fitness centers is one of the newer gyms in the city, it has been open for just two months now and has over one hundred members already.

Source: Waaberi Project