Life and inspiration in the world’s largest refugee camp

Moulid Hujale at TEDx Mogadishu 


Born in Kismayo, Moulid was forced to flee Somalia with his family at the age of 10 to the Dadaab refugee camp across the border into Kenya. After witnessing the lack of opportunities for youth in Dadaab, Moulid started the Refugee Newsletter and engaged 30 young people, partnering with FilmAid International. He also partnered with UNHCR and other organizations working in Dadaab to collaborate on an umbrella initiative that provided skills training and jobs to Dadaab youth.


Moulid recently moved to Mogadishu to work on making education accessible to all. He is amongst many Somali Diaspora who have returned back to Somalia and are taking part in rebuilding Somalia.


Source: TEDx Talks