Art in Mogadishu resurges as security improves



A Somali artist’s depiction of national unity in a painting with women, children, traditional elders, police and a members of the armed forces all helping to raise the Somali flag together, displayed in the Centre for Research and Dialogue (CRD) art studio in the Wadajir District of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

During the occupation of the city by the Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al Shabaab up until August 2011, many Somali artists were either forced to work in secret or stop practicing their art all together for fear of retribution and punishment by the extremist group who were fighting to overthrow the internationally-recognised then transitional government and implement a strict and harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

                              Artists express themselves freely once again in Mogadishu:

After 20 years of near-constant conflict, Mogadishu and large areas of Somalia are now enjoying the longest period of peace in years. With a new Government and a President the country precipitating something of a renaissance for Somali artists and business, commerce, sports and civil liberties and freedoms flourishing once again.