The link between unemployment and terrorism

mohammed ali

‘Entrepreneurship is more than just about starting up a  business, its about creating a social impact.’ Ali says at a TEDCity2.0 show, Ali talks about the Link between unemployment and terrorism in Somalia.

As the human rights advocate Mohamed Ali draws on stories from his native Mogadishu to make a powerful case for innovation incubators for our cities’ young and ambitious.


He is also the Executive Director of the Iftiin Foundation, an incubator that helps young people in the Horn of Africa and the diaspora become entrepreneurs and leaders.Ali believes these untapped youths can become figures of hope for their communities and ultimately promote peace and stability in the region

In urban hubs like Mogadishu, says Mohamed Ali, we’re losing our brightest minds to terrorism and violence. Why not channel the energy of ambitious and eager young people toward innovation instead of destruction? Ali is doing his part to make this dream a reality.

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Source: TEDX