Mogadishu Airport; A hive of activity

Aden Abdulle International Airport in the Somali capital Mogadishu is busy once again thanks to the relative calm that has returned to the city and other parts of the country. Today it stands as the major port of entry for thousands of Somalis returning home and those coming to visit.Activity at the airport has increased with close to 15 flights taking off and landing daily.

Engineer Ali Mahmud Ibrahim, General Manager Somali Civil Aviation Authority, “ It is not as it used to be before, a lot of things are missing, but thanks to our government, transitional government and the Somali Federal Government, we are striving to resume all operations which are required to be established. So now we are in the middle, I cant say we are lower but we are in the middle.”


Things are changing, There is an undeniable air of hope in the country,with security in place,people are opening shops, restaurants, business in Mogadishu.Somalia now has a new President, Prime Minister and Government; the country is rebuilding its institutions, in spite of the destruction caused by of two decades of civil war.

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  • Patrick

    Great to see developments in Somalia