Remaking Somalia

Anti FGM poster featuring activist Ifrah Ahmed

Pioneering group of Somali women are returning to their birth country to create, despite many obstacles, a more egalitarian society. By Hassan Ghedi Santur “The fight starts at home,” Ifrah Ahmed tells me over a crackly cell phone reception. “And I felt that I can be the voice,” she continues with the conviction of a […]


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud says Somalia is Making a Comeback!


Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud says the country is making a comeback. President Mohamud spoke ahead of the country’s July 1st Independence Day celebrations. As Somalia counts down to the day it gained self-rule 55 years ago, the President speaks candidly about how far Somalia has come, the political situation, the country’s capability to hold […]


Somalia’s formal banking providing alternative to Hawalas


Somalia’s formal banking sector is re-merging to link the country to the global financial system, for the first time in decades. Since the outbreak of civil war in 1991, the country has relied on the multi-million dollar informal and unregulated money transfer services, commonly known as Hawalas, kept alive mainly by remittances from abroad. In […]


Somali Cultural Festival


Somali Cultural Festival Come and see the Somali Folklore dance, songs, musical performances, series short plays, mini-drama, and poetry. The event will celebrate the long and diverse cultural heritage of Somalia; the aim is to create a cohesive national awareness and through a shared event contributed toward national identity.There will be live performances on stage, […]