Somalia Investment Summit 2014 – Dubai


Somalia Investment Summit 2014:  The 2nd Somalia Investment Summit comes after our last year’s successful summit hosted in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013. The 2014 Investment Summit themed ‘Opening Your World to New Possibilities’ is once again brought to you by Somali Economic Forum. Over 250 leaders from the public and private sector, international business experts and investors, […]


MOGADISHU-LOST MODERNS Rashid Ali & Andrew Cross


MOGADISHU-LOST MODERNS The Mosaic Rooms are pleased to present Mogadishu – Lost Moderns, the first exhibition to explore Mogadishu through its architecture and urban environment,narrating the story of Somalia’s journey from traditional African nation via colonisation and post colonialism to emergent independent state. This trajectory may be familiar to Africa but its manifestations are not: how […]




The Somali Embassy in Uganda, in collaboration with the waaberi project is holding a one day forum in Kampala, Uganda. The Forum will bring together the Somali Diaspora community in Uganda, representatives of the Somali government, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Uganda Government. The Somali Diaspora is continuously playing a major […]


National Day of Towbah, Forgiveness and Dua for Somalia

National Day of Towbah, Forgiveness and Dua

National Day of Towbah, Forgiveness and Dua for Somalia For the past two decades and so, other than political campaigns, there has been no one single Somali who has called for a national day of towbah and prayers. Of all the existing theories of conflict and management, the Somali crisis defied any conventional wisdom to […]


Anti-Tribalism Movement:- International Tour


ANTI- TRIBALISM MOVEMENT:- INTERNATIONAL TOUR Anti-Tribalism Movement is very pleased to announce that we will be embarking upon a tour in Europe, North America and our first event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Anti-Tribalism Movement would like to dispel this perception by organizing reconciliation, healing and forgiveness events, workshops and meetings with local communities on […]