Jowhar Floods


Agriculture-rich town and Middle Shabelle regional capital of Jowhar as Shabelle river is threatening to over flow. Following heavy rains in the Horn of Africa, the River Shabelle burst its banks, submerging entire villages and farms in its path. Thousands of people have been displaced by the floods and have been forced to seek shelter on higher […]


Radio Mogadishu Archive Digitization


After more than 60 years of analogue storage in an inadequate environment, the Radio Mogadishu audio archive is being digitized in order to save it from deterioration and introduce the unique Somali historical recordings to new audience. Colonel Abshir Hashi Ali has a long day ahead, he moves as fast as his old legs can […]


Jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed iyo Safaaradda South Sudan

Sequence 11

Jaaliyada Soomaaliyeed iyo Safaaradda South Sudan ay u qabteen sidii ay uga mahadcelin lahaayeen Abaalka Dawladda Turkiga u gashay oo maalin walba ay ka wado Mashaariic Soomaaliya. waxaana ka soo qeyb galay Safiirka Turkiga u fadhiga South Sudan iyo Diplomaasiyiinta Turkiga halkan u joogaan,waxayna ahayd Xafladii ugu wanaagsanayd ee lagu qabtey halkan


Somalia Remittances


Millions of people in the Horn of Africa nation Somalia rely on money sent from their relatives and friends abroad in order to survive. These remittances have been the lifeline for many in a country that is struggling to recover from its failed state status after two decades of civil war and conflict. But it […]


Mogadishu Fitness Training

fitness training 1

It’s mid afternoon and things are already heating up at the Mogadishu Fitness Centre, the gym is already packed with young men and the few women who come to this modern gym the in Somali capital to get fit. As security continues to improve in the city and other parts of the Horn of African […]