Somalia turns to Diaspora for investment


The Somali Embassy in Uganda, in collaboration with the WaaberiProject held a one day forum in Kampala, Uganda.The forum brought together the Somali Diaspora community in Uganda,Representative of the Office of Diaspora working under the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), The Turkish Ambassador to Uganda and the Deputy Ambassador […]


Biometric Identification Cards for Somalis


At the center in Mogadishu, hundreds of Somalis brave the scorching sun, queuing to get their new national identity cards.This was setup up by the regional administration in December last year and with funding from US Aid through the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the center sees traffic of between 200 and 500 people each […]


The Dean of Shoe-shiners!


Badri is a young and energetic shoe-shiner who does his business at the campus of Amoud University, almost 4 kms west of Borama. He hails from a poor family and through his business; he does not only survive but support the life of his family. The young man apparently carries out his work confidently and […]


The Resilient Medical Student


I have undertaken a number of work-related visits to Kampala, Uganda and I was moved by the inspiring story of Hibo Mohamed Yusuf, a medical student in Kampala International University at its western campus at Ishaka, West of Kampala, Uganda. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet her in person in Uganda as […]


From Kat-Seller to a Medical Doctor: A Model of Determination and Courage

A woman and young girl buy products at a roadside stall in Hamar Weyne market in the Somali capital Mogadishu,

Dr. Hodan Jama is a mother of 7 children and she happily lives with her husband along with their children in Borama town. As they were a low-income family, both Hodan and her husband had to work together to win against the odds of life and hence Dr. Hodan had to go out and do […]