Somali Sideways

Somali Siadeways

‘Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and wisdom to share’ Young Somali Diasporas are sharing their stories in a unique way; all over the world we see a lot of  Somali communities each with different amazing stories. Mohamed Mohamud, a young Somali individual started a project called ‘Somali Sideways’. He explains […]


A blind journalist

blind journalist

Growing up in a poor family in the outskirts of Mogadishu town, 30 year old Hassan Abdifatah had a dream to become a journalist. At two and a half years old, an ill-fated kick from a donkey one day as he followed his father to the farm left him partially blind. Young Hassan survived through […]


Fighting Al Shabaab as a woman in Somalia’s national army


Iman Elman at TEDxMogadishu. Despite only being 21, Iman Elman is a military commander in the Somali Armed Forces.  When she joined the military two years ago, women were given two pairs of pants to sew together to make a skirt. Knowing it would be hard to fight in a skirt, Iman told them one […]


Let’s take a fresh look at Somalia:


Abdi Latif Ega at TEDxMogadishu: Abdi Latif Ega is a Somali novelist and scholar at Columbia University. His recent book, Guban, is a kaleidoscopic tale of the Somali revolution, which deftly interlocks stories of all strata of society-interlopers, interlocutors, diplomats, camel herders, revolutionaries, military personnel, and clan leaders, to name but a few. Documenting both […]


Life and inspiration in the world’s largest refugee camp


Moulid Hujale at TEDx Mogadishu  Born in Kismayo, Moulid was forced to flee Somalia with his family at the age of 10 to the Dadaab refugee camp across the border into Kenya. After witnessing the lack of opportunities for youth in Dadaab, Moulid started the Refugee Newsletter and engaged 30 young people, partnering with FilmAid […]