Waaberi  focuses on creating a platform to promote the ongoing regeneration of Somalia.

Waaberi means “New Dawn” ,  will promote, inform, and discuss the regenerating aspects of Somalia through the Waaberi website.

Waaberi project endeavor to inspire through personal tales, images and  contributions of Somalis while also providing individuals the opportunity to air their voice on the issues shaping the lives of Somalis and the future of Somalia.

This space is open to you, so we encourage you to comment, contribute, and share articles, art, blogs, images, videos and events happening in Somalia and the Diaspora.

Let us know what you would like to see on waaberi website. If you know of an organization/ individual you would like us to feature on Waaberi or share their contribution to Somalia do not hesitate to  contact us.

We believe:

  • In promoting and celebrating Somalis and Somalia’s regeneration;
  • In encouraging Somalis to take part in countering the negative perception of Somalia;
  • In encouraging Somalis to take  lead of  their own future;
  • In providing informed, balanced dialogue and debate for our audience.

Waaberi Project is sponsored by the African Union and United Nation. Editorial, images, and opinions displayed do not necessarily reflect the position of the African Union or the United Nation.

Waaberi Project